Month: February 2011

Domino Effect

One of the first things I learned as a child was to stack dominos. I loved to hear that clack-clack-clack sound ripple down the row until the last domino has fallen. But I was not alone as demonstrated by the numerous attempts to have the most dominos stacked and success measured only if one gets […]

Just Do It!

It is unfortunate that back in 1988 Nike started using “Just Do It” as a slogan. I’d even forgotten that until I looked up the phrase on the internet. If you do not recognize it, that is the Nike Swoosh logo in the upper left of this blog. When I decided to use “Just Do […]

How Am I Unique?

This is a topic that concerns elements of dB design. I have an address book and being that I am both a supporter and developer of Microsoft products, I keep this data in an Excel spreadsheet. However the work I have recently done for a client using an Access dB has influenced me to consider […]

Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day! Today is one of those days influenced by what started in America and soon, was being celebrated all over the world with the giving the person that you love a Valentine card. One of the few days on which we can spend simply loving one another. A good day on which to […]

Mass Effect!

For a few weeks now I have been playing Mass Effect. I started with 1 and then went into 2 with the ability to import the character I had developed. They promise I can do the same when Mass Effect 3 is released around Christmas this year. It was a very involving story and I […]

roboSlave at Your Command!

There are many things I have created during the span of time Chopoff Consulting has been in business. One of my favorites is a character I call roboSlave. A twist on the Pinocchio tale. A simple robot that is meant to obey any order within the limits of the Asimov three laws of robotics. It […]