Red Rose on Green Scarf


Here is a scarf I suggested to my Mom when I first saw her knitted red rose. “Put your red rose on a green scarf Mom!” I pleaded. Finally she relented. Now, look how beautiful it is! So Red is the Rose and Green is the Scarf!

Lately I have forgotten to call my Mom due to my focus on completing my client’s work as well as numerous interruptions. This concerns her and sometimes she calls in the early evening, making sure everything is alright. For the most part I reassure her and more so I do make that daily call. It is a small thing and takes usually not more than a few minutes. Every now and then I am the shoulder my Mom needs to cry on. At those times I try to cheer her up. She calls me her sunshine but I always remember there are at least three other sunshine’s in her life.

We have much hope that Mom is still with us next Christmas season and that she is still knitting scarves possessing such exquisite detail. We are blessed with having her here with us and her able to show off such talent. If you are fortunate perhaps she will knit you a Red Rose on Green Scarf.