Everything is NOT as it Seems!

FacesOrVaseWe trust our senses. It is only natural. We live with our assumptions. Reality is living in a physical world. Our science tells us so.

However a closer examination reveals a totally different picture. Like the faces or vase picture to the right. Much of what we perceive is interpreted by our brain. In fact this type of translation is going on all the time. That is why sometimes we see the faces and other times we see a vase. A little further down we see the Rubin vase on our left. There we are more likely to see a vase, however the faces are present if we RubinVasecare to examine the vase closer.

We have had our imaginations and storytelling from before the invention of writing. Our ability to exchange thoughts through the written medium gave us a better way to pass down knowledge. We currently live close to an era in which virtual reality will exist and be readily accessible. An environment in which our brains will no longer distinguish from what our senses currently tell us about reality. In fact our photographs are no longer proof of reality. We can easily take pictures of virtual worlds and those worlds are indistinguishable from what we call reality.

What I mention here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are much deeper implications to understanding that we all live in a virtual world. That our collective memories are only as accurate as we are to a moment in time. Once you know that your brain interprets all of its inputs you will understand why I say everything is NOT as it seems!