Happy New Year !!!

FireFoxHappyNewYearTo one and all a most happy new year! It is a wondrous time when changes can take place. Out with the old and in with the new!

As it is also the first Saturday in 2011, I am planning to see my mom today. However the POS in Chalet Ticino is down and my apprentice Nicolas (who was onsite) and I (over the phone) deduced, it was the power supply that had failed. Nicolas found a replacement. Then with a working power supply we next discovered that the hard drive (brain) was also dead. So I need to stop by there today and confirm it is actually dead and not just a case of wrong cabling. If in fact dead I will hand it over to Chris a former apprentice who has an established business and fully able to assist them with replacing their POS.

It is time too for our resolutions. The promises we make to ourselves concerning accomplishments we seek to achieve in us and our surroundings. Things like finishing a project that has gone on for too long, losing that weight we gained over the holidays or even starting a new adventure!

May this new year find you with plenty of opportunities to achieve your dreams. Keep your eyes and ears open and your minds receptive to the possibilities. Have the most Happy New Year!!!