Month: January 2011

We Are Not Vulcan

I remember 1964 if for no other reason than Star Trek came to NBC and my passion for science fiction endeared me to this show. I was a trekker before it was popular to be one. It disappointed me as each new season the quality of the special effects declined and battles in space became […]

Abrupt End

We live life with an expectation that things will remain on track. Sometimes it does not. Various factors can be considered for the cause of failure. It does not matter how much we rationalize it does not get us down the road. Only our assumption that the journey will be uneventful does. Maybe today starts […]

Ethics and Civilization

I tried to research this on the internet and found that Albert Schweitzer put some thought into it. To me ethics can be broken down to our understanding of good and bad. When I was very young, I did not need to be told, I knew when I was doing something that was bad. The […]

Red Rose on Green Scarf

Here is a scarf I suggested to my Mom when I first saw her knitted red rose. “Put your red rose on a green scarf Mom!” I pleaded. Finally she relented. Now, look how beautiful it is! So Red is the Rose and Green is the Scarf! Lately I have forgotten to call my Mom […]

Do You Want To Date My Avatar?

I was taking a break and watching a song about Zombies Wanting to Eat Your Brains on You Tube. When it ended I noticed another title. It had 14M hits. I sat thru the obligatory commercial and was entertained. I then understood the popularity. Even I wanted to share it with my friends. The main […]

DR2CW Security Cam Achievement

The red dots represent security cameras on the first floor. The yellow dots are the security cameras on the second floor. There are 17 security cameras on the second floor and 30 security cameras on the first floor for a combined total of 47 cameras. Destroy them all to get the Petty Vandal achievement.

Everything is NOT as it Seems!

We trust our senses. It is only natural. We live with our assumptions. Reality is living in a physical world. Our science tells us so. However a closer examination reveals a totally different picture. Like the faces or vase picture to the right. Much of what we perceive is interpreted by our brain. In fact […]

Russian Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve, at least by the Julian calendar which our Orthodox faith follows. Tomorrow my family will gather and celebrate at my brother’s house. He invited us over today and says he will be there between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. Betty and I will get there by 4:30 PM just so we are […]

Happy New Year !!!

To one and all a most happy new year! It is a wondrous time when changes can take place. Out with the old and in with the new! As it is also the first Saturday in 2011, I am planning to see my mom today. However the POS in Chalet Ticino is down and my […]