Lost Memories

Star_Gate  Lately I’ve been thinking about our memories. For me that means contemplating 22,175 days and nights, not counting those between conception and birth. This reminds me of a scary moment when I was around six years old. While sitting on my bed with my back to the wall (the bed was pushed up against the wall) I wondered how far back I could remember. My youthful endeavor arrived at some very small atom of a memory that seemed to say before this there is nothing. I was so much more smarter then. However now I suspect I am able to recall even less actual memories, at least on the tip of my tongue so to speak.

If we work on trying to remember each and every day of our lives and took a whole 15 seconds for recalling at least one memory from a different day, by working an entire 8 hours at it we could bring to mind 1,920 distinct memories. That is well over five years of random recalls. Within that are remembrances of varying types. Some poignant as we recall times spent with our dearly departed. Perhaps too many of pain. Joy! A lot from entertainment, for me especially television, radio, movies, music, books, magazines, comics and even some plays.

However what of our routine? Our daily grind?

In my case I can forget if I just locked a door on my way out. I sometimes am so doubtful I go back and check it, twice! Also many fortunate people tell me they cannot remember their dreams. I remember mine. If they are unusual I can recall them even many years after I have had them. They too are stored somewhere and replayed if ever so briefly as a memory.

Having lived through the sixties I also explored alternate states of consciousness. But not via drugs! By using my own mind closely, observing and always questioning where am I. This practice reinforced my ability to recall dreams. After a vivid dream you feel in your gut that there is so much more to know about this wonderful gift called life. That there are treasures still waiting to be discovered. Though they be as elusive as attempting to recall our lost memories.