Ghost of Christmas Presence

It is the holidays and we attended an early family Christmas party. Normally one does CarolKaneGhostXmasPresentthis on Christmas eve, but my Sister Nina’s son and thus my nephew would be returning the next day to be with his own family. We agreed to celebrate early so we could share Christmas with him. We found out during the party that my other Sister and her son had a disagreement resulting with him returning to Berkley early and her never showing up. They were missed.

Amidst all this holiday cheer I was presented with a present. In a strange coincidence it was from my friend whose name is Noel! No matter I refused his present and even went so far as to say “Put someone else’s name on it” and added that I am not a child. I did my best to explain why I really had no need for a present. Though if truth be told I would have gladly accepted one of the video games I am wanting! Apparently he was hurt and made it obvious when I later attempted to begrudgingly accept his gift upon leaving. “It’s gone” he said with no hint of a smile.

There is a gift that I actually ask for over and over again, but it is apparently tooXmas Presents precious. Perhaps that is why I missed the exit on our way home from the party. My brother’s wife (as well as he) had kept inviting us to stop over their place on our way home. We declined. Then I guiltily encouraged her by saying if she could convince my wife, then we would follow them home. Alas Betty admitted to being too busy, so they and we drove off to our respective homes. But Natalia was only asking for what I want, a presence. Spend time with me. For me that is the most precious gift anyone can give to someone they love.

As I mentioned we missed our exit home and agreed this was a sign. We decided to allow that mistake to change our minds and go ahead and stop by my brother’s house. Naturally they were elated to see us. We celebrated some more and basked in the lovely piano rendition of “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer” by Angelina who is only 6 but can read and play music. There was laughter, talk, tea and a fun time! We four adults played a game of bowling, made more fun by George who would turn up the volume on every strike and have us all do a dance in celebration.

So I am glad we missed that exit and instead spent those precious moments with them. How fortunate for us that we were given time to reconsider our decision. For that I thank the Ghost of Christmas Presence!