Unusual Dream


Yesterday I met with my mom. The weather was bad and traffic was slow. We decided on dim sum as it has been quite a while since we had some. While we ate I told her of a recent dream I had.

It was daylight and a busy street. A woman in a small store was trying to sell me something but I was not buying. Then she persuaded me to come in and wait in a closet while she called her boyfriend. While waiting in the closet I thought, what if this friend of hers has a gun! I bolted out of that closet and out of her store. Upon awakening I wondered how she had persuaded me to wait in that closet in the first place. My mom laughed and I laughed. It was quite silly!

While doing a bit of research on internet I came across “Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White”. Also a funny bit with 3 friends trying to help a 4th who is stuck in a closet in “Left 4 Dead”. The picture above comes from a frame in “What Dreams May Come”.

I lament that a week has gone by without an entry in this blog. There were several thoughts I wanted to capture. Alas where does the time go? Oh one last thing from internet:

A closet in a dream often represents hidden aspects of the self or a feeling of being threatened

Leave it to the internet to come to a negative conclusion. For me it was just a dream in which the fear of being robbed at gunpoint motivated my flight mechanism. My first closet dream and it was quite an unusual dream.