Our Little Spaceship Earth


On Sunday I usually try to spend some time thinking about what has gone before and also forward to the week ahead. As the year winds down to a close it becomes imperative to make certain purchases to take advantage of sales or tax breaks. Most of my time is thinking about business but that is not to say it is all about money.

Sometimes it is abstract like pondering the business use of fractals. They have been put to good use in Computer Graphics as early as 1984 in “Rescue on Fractulas”. I have been trying to become more involved with 3D Graphics since early on in my career. One of my major business purchases was to enable me to render frames in real time. Alas even that machine that I am currently using to write this blog is considered ancient in the fast paced world of Computer Graphics.

It occurred to me while thinking about fractals that our earth which is basically a natural spaceship in a dependent orbit about our solar system, is also a model for what we need on a smaller scale to solve the issue of providing each and everyone of us, our basic needs. We can get it down to individual dwellings and expand it to housing a family and then several families as in a town or village. The air is pervasive but needs to be considered confined. Perhaps to the extent of building an airtight bubble about each domicile. Then another about a group of them. Then another about the town. The enclosing bubbles are then managed for proper exchange with the input and outputs to their contained areas and would allow us a better handle on giving each and everyone of us a fair share of having a good life on our little spaceship earth.