The Red Scarf


On your left my wife Betty is modeling a Red Scarf knitted by my mother. It is one of several variations and colors. They have a joint plan with which to sell them. The minor success Betty has had with selling just 5 of this style scarf in red has put my mom in a tizzy! Perhaps they need to rethink what they are doing.

My mom thinks she can make 1 scarf in 2 days. But only after she has the material. The material for the scarf is on back order at most locations that it is sold. I ordered some from the factory, but it is the holidays and nearing that magical Christmas day, so it has not yet arrived! With 5 orders that is 10 days at the very least and assuming the yarn arrives by tomorrow, they will be done a few days before Christmas. My own business has been disrupted by this activity which is why I am mentioning my mom’s red scarf in this blog. For example the photo with my wife took me over an hour and a half to modify in Photoshop so that one can distinguish the scarf from my lovely wife’s dress.

In my opinion they are not asking enough to cover my mom’s labor. It is a shame that at her advanced age, though in heart she is always 33, and has 3 other children to potentially support her by the way, that my mom needs to resort to selling what she knits just to survive! I provide what I can, but that too is not enough. Not in a region where a household making less than $60K per year is considered poor! Perhaps if her other 3 children could match what I do, our mom would be enjoying her golden years. But for now she is back to work on knitting another red scarf.