Better Than Reality

bhomeul_pic1Dreams offer a vision that often transcends ordinary reality. They are in a realm so close to the soul that your soul cannot deny what it wants. Many times I have reached out to hold unto that someone or something only to feel an evaporation and nothing in my grasp. I become conscious and begin to remember this world and its limitations.

Perhaps my dreams are so vivid because I love to be entertained. I have settled for movies over books, especially now with all the eye-candy that they offer. However it is not as satisfying as personal experience.

Yesterday (or two) it was my friend Jenny’s birthday. She invited me to her party which was at the New Penang Restaurant in Ranch 99 in Milpitas. She was a most active host and flirted from table to table as a butterfly does flower to flower. There were a lot of her relatives and friends present. When she was at our table she chose to sit next to me on my left and I was quite flattered by that. Another friend Linda who I have not seen in ages was also there and though she sat across our large round table she made it a point to every now and then come over and assist me with the Malaysian dishes being set down before us.

There were so many dishes it is hard to recall what they all were. In any case I will not go into them other than to say I sampled the majority and mostly liked what I tried. The curried lamb and basil rice standout in that mass of dishes, as did the starter of beef satay. ArielWhen it was over they brought out a an Ariel ice cream cake and Linda cut it up and distributed it once we had sung “Happy Birthday!” and Jenny had made her wish and blown out her candle.

We were all invited to Karaoke afterwards in an adjacent mall that has ABC restaurant, but I did not take note of the establishment’s name. There was even more food of which I just could not eat as I was so full from the many courses already served us! karaoke_singerThe karaoke machine was all in Chinese so I needed assistance in picking out a song I could sing. The only ones I knew were in the categories Elvis and Elton John. A few sounded good to me and no one in the audience booed, but they would be too polite to do that. One lady named Li did a majority of the singing. She was instrumental in persuading me with gestures and what little English she knew to take up the mike and even dance. Jenny was also encouraging us all to rattle the house with our vocal chords.

The sound of the karaoke system was so loud it made my face scrunch when they would yell into the mike, invariably off-key. When I sang it was perhaps too soft as so many songs were not in my key, nor did I know how to make sure it would be. Also it is difficult to sing a karaoke song by Elton John when one can distinctly hear him singing! Downright intimidating.

I relate this recent encounter for in many ways it was like a dream. It is not often that I attend parties, though I mostly enjoy them. We use to throw at least one every year. However with the excuse of the little money available, that no longer happens. So it was a real treat to be part of so much excitement. Because it is unlike my day to day life, Jenny’s party was fun and much better than reality.