Month: December 2010

Lost Memories

  Lately I’ve been thinking about our memories. For me that means contemplating 22,175 days and nights, not counting those between conception and birth. This reminds me of a scary moment when I was around six years old. While sitting on my bed with my back to the wall (the bed was pushed up against […]

Ghost of Christmas Presence

It is the holidays and we attended an early family Christmas party. Normally one does this on Christmas eve, but my Sister Nina’s son and thus my nephew would be returning the next day to be with his own family. We agreed to celebrate early so we could share Christmas with him. We found out […]

Some Work Never Ends

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to work they go! These 7 dwarfs have their daily routine which includes working in a mine. They must have struck the mother lode, but even if they had not, it is hard to imagine this group of men sitting on their butts collecting unemployment and playing video games. […]

Who Is the Master

As I sit amidst my clutter I think back 40 years to when a younger me with a lot less clutter came to a realization. It came from an analysis of my wants and desires versus a list of things keeping me from them. At that time I was working on Master/Slave architecture so my […]

Unusual Dream

Yesterday I met with my mom. The weather was bad and traffic was slow. We decided on dim sum as it has been quite a while since we had some. While we ate I told her of a recent dream I had. It was daylight and a busy street. A woman in a small store […]

Our Little Spaceship Earth

On Sunday I usually try to spend some time thinking about what has gone before and also forward to the week ahead. As the year winds down to a close it becomes imperative to make certain purchases to take advantage of sales or tax breaks. Most of my time is thinking about business but that […]

Whole Red Scarf

This took about 6 scans (actually 11 because I discarded the first 5 due to an error. I then stitched the images together in Photoshop while matching the colors of each section. The rose takes as long to make as the rest of the scarf. Here is more detail on the rose itself. My mom […]

The Red Scarf

On your left my wife Betty is modeling a Red Scarf knitted by my mother. It is one of several variations and colors. They have a joint plan with which to sell them. The minor success Betty has had with selling just 5 of this style scarf in red has put my mom in a […]

Better Than Reality

Dreams offer a vision that often transcends ordinary reality. They are in a realm so close to the soul that your soul cannot deny what it wants. Many times I have reached out to hold unto that someone or something only to feel an evaporation and nothing in my grasp. I become conscious and begin […]