Be What You Want To Be!


As one of my favorite Cat Steven’s song says “If You Want to Be…”. I find most people will be happy to tell you of their limitations. They will go into excruciatingly frustrating detail of how they got to where they are and what is stopping them from getting further. However other people recognize their own road blocks and overcome them. They are our precious treasure for they are proof that all of us can attain whatever it is we desire.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it became a jumble of last minute decisions. My wife became ill and thus my plans changed. Instead of visiting with her mom I chose to visit my sister Nina who had invited me the day before. One thing lead to another and soon I was picking up our Mom and bringing her along to Nina’s place. It was a small party. Nina was very pleased to see our Mom in her house, though Mom was not feeling well and after a slight delay in dinner due to a Turkey being cooked at 275 degree instead of 325, we ate a robust meal, I went in for seconds and then enjoyed a pumpkin pie with some last minute whip cream (only light version was available) Alex and I got while waiting for dinner to be ready.

Today is Black Friday and many are starting their season festivities in earnest. My own thoughts focus to the end of the year and preparations for next year. My apprentice will be back he says on December 6. There are things needing my attention and somehow I will orchestrate them and knock off those top items from my things to do list. Then I will find some time to catch up with old acquaintances. I will also find time to evaluate how this year has gone and plan my new years resolutions. Somewhere in there we will get a Christmas Tree and I will make time to think upon who I am and of my success in being what I want to be.