freelunchMr. Robert Heinlein got it right when he coined this acronym in his magnificent novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”. It stands for “There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”. I included the sample on the right and ask you to notice the wording. Apparently you get your “Free” lunch but only after you have “Paid” for it by participating in the Sunday morning service. This is in no way “Free” ! It is in fact a Barter. In more literal terms; they will provide you a lunch in exchange for your presence during their service. They are willing to PAY you with food on condition that you attend their service.

In a quick scan of places on the internet offering free stuff, I notice a lot of Hyperlinks similar to this on their pages:


So tell me, how do you discount “Free”? You DON’T! It is impossible. Yet people flock to anything that says “Free”. Here is something as close to “Free” as one can get. All you need is a device with audio and video capabilities that can network. Something like an iPhone or iPad. Think it through people. TNSTAAFL!