Getting to Know You


This is about getting to know yourself. Being thrust back into being a mentor / teacher / guru has made me think more about my business and life in general. I think upon how I have helped others in the past. The things I have since learned that will allow me to assist my mentee / student / apprentice in gaining an insight to what he  desires.

I borrow from the masters who I have learnedMirrorFaces from and insist on a clean slate. I tell tales meant to stimulate the mind. I describe the importance of communication as well as the principles of harmony and resonance. Amazingly many sayings spring to mind while I progressively undo the negativity in myself as well as in my student. These concepts can be found on the internet, though their links eventually evaporate like the morning dew upon a rose’s petal. I am strict when conveying the importance of being responsible and diligent. MirrorIt is simplicity we strive for. But to limit one’s learning to the class is clearly a mistake. A student must study! One must take the time to think about the day and see what questions remain.

There is more to one’s quest than reading a story about finding the meaning to life. Or realizing that one is a zombie and needs to awake! For example, here is a bit of ZEN:

"Curse these personal computers!" cried the novice in anger, "To make them do anything I must use three or even four editing programs. This is truly intolerable!" The master programmer stared at the novice. "And what would you do to remedy this state of affairs?" he asked. The novice thought for a moment. "I will design a new editing program," he said, "a program that will replace all these others." Suddenly the master struck the novice on the side of his head. "What did you do that for?" exclaimed the surprised novice. "I have no wish to learn another editing program," said the master. And suddenly the novice was enlightened.

It is a lifetime project in just getting to know you.