Armistice Day AKA Veterans Day


WAR makes veterans. It also kills people. Its good when the enemy are eradicated. But often the ones who die are innocents. Yet despite painful losses, we will have WAR as long as our personal freedoms are in jeopardy. We justify it, though we’d rather be a country of isolationist.

I am happy to celebrate any holiday. For today I am making a special effort to acknowledge that my freedom to express myself comes directly from the efforts of all those who came before me. Their dream of having a world that is good to live in. But as you know it is not enough to just dream. One must actively pursue a dream. But only if you want to make a dream come true. So they acted, went to WAR and many died on both sides. We won our dream only after entering the nightmare of WAR. Even worse we had to do it again and again. For example back in WWII it took the tragedy of Pearl Harbor before our United States committed to another WAR.

Lately we refer to WAR by different names. They are police actions or political exercises. President Obama has officially changed GWOT(Global War On Terror) to OCO(Overseas Contingency Operation).There are soldiers on foreign soil to ensure the transition of governments to forms more amenable to the powers that be. Let me simply paraphrase by saying, “A WAR by any other name would still reek!”.

Please take a moment to find and thank a veteran on this Veterans Day.