Fall Back!

CockcooClockYes it is another day where we experience a change in time. A most notable example of how time itself is an illusion. In this day and age in our 24/7 world with transactions measured in the milliseconds, all parties agreeing to use Daylight Saving Time conspire to make an entire hour disappear in sync.

“Coo-coo!” and I agree with you cuckoo in the clock. My body continues to run in real time. Only eventually will it adjust to this entirely fictitious schedule.

Some will make the inane statement that they had an extra hour of sleep! I know, I was one of them. But my body still wants to wake up at the time it is accustomed to. So when I look at the clock I say to myself, “It’s really 7:30 AM not 6:30 AM and that is why I am awake!” because after all my body does not understand that a conspiracy had us live through an “extra” hour. The same conspiracy that will rob us of an hour in the Spring.

This conspiracy has contributed to bugs, errors and downright confusion when we are attempting to maintain an accurate timestamp. Many computer operating systems maintain an absolute reference to GMT with an offset to local or regional time. But they still must deal with that additional hour of data for a period of several months.

So let us all join together and abolish this diabolical conspiracy and keep time right! Let each and everyone of our United States do as Hawaii does. Ignore DST and stick to a consistent and easily recordable tick, tick, tick of the clock.

Otherwise we must Fall Back!