Merrily Life is But a Dream


Much as the little mouse on the left is taking a journey, so do we all. My thinking is of course influenced by spending most of my time teaching my apprentice. There are so many things one needs to learn and it is my responsibility to pace that learning.

Lesson one was about having a good set of tools. To paraphrase, “He who owns the tools, Makes the rules!”. This is especially true as more of what we think of reality is becoming virtual rather than real.

Lesson two is to pay it forward. Not the movie! The concept! While I ask for no pay, I do expect of all my students / trainees / mentees / apprentices to pass on what they learn. Later in life please do what I did for them and be a teacher / trainer / mentor / master. With these many small steps we can make the whole world a better place.

Lesson three W*A*K*E   U*P  !!! Yes I am yelling. Trying to startle you. The state most people are in is unconcious. They are in a zombie like trance going through their daily routines. They are thinking about what they will do or about what they have done. They are missing out on being alive and awake in the one and only NOW!

Lesson four is to forget everything you think you know. Be a blank slate. Be as a child that is eager to know. All those preconceptions you carry around with you just get in the way and keep you from learning.

Lesson five is that nothing is real. There is no solid. Everything is mostly space. There is no time. No future or past. There is just the NOW. What we perceive to be real is actually all an illusion.

So let’s sing!

Row row row your boat gently down a stream…




Merrily Life is But a Dream.