Being a Mentor

Today my nephew Nicolas has come to learn. I am reminded of the Karate Kid. Can I be a master as great as Miyagi? Shall I teach him about Wax On and Wax Off? It is difficult to determine what it is I can teach him while trying to remember he will in turn teach me about being a mentor.

Nicolas has come to me because of my past success with Chris. I handed Chris my computer maintenance business and he has carried on and made it prosper. The business survived the recent dire financial climate. As I understand he continues to make a good living from it.

I am hopeful it all goes well and he learns what he needs from me. In the meantime I am reviewing how I can be a good mentor. It is a balance between a need to learn and an ability to teach. It is my desire to light his way by igniting his creative juices and allowing him to choose his own path. One is a detective while also being a mentor.