Go Giants!

It’s the start of the World Series and our San Francisco Giants are in it! 200px-San_Francisco_Giants_Cap_Insignia_svgTonight is a night for hot dogs and soda as we cheer our home team to victory.200px-2010_World_Series_svg My wife is very excited about this and I am trying my best to support her enthusiasm. As far as baseball goes I remember a game I went to when it was still held in Candlestick Park. Other than the Giants I cannot recall the opposing team. I do remember it being very windy and cold. At that time I was not a coffee drinker but my friend Lindsey offered to buy me a cup. Anything warm sounded good at that point. He brought it back and as he was handing me my cup it slipped and spilt all over my trousers. I must admit the immediate warmth of the coffee was very pleasing, but my pants quickly turned damp and cold and remained so for remainder of the game and until I got home. Of course Lindsey apologized profusely. For me it is an everlasting memory associated with game of baseball.brian-wilson-ap2 My niece’s son Bradley was thrown a baseball by Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson himself! Bradley got his baseball at one of the pre-games to the world series that went into overtime. He told me all this with a big grin on his face not bothering to hide his smugness at being so lucky. But he is after all just a kid.

The Giants made it to the series. Now the real challenge, winning it! So take me out to the ballgame I want to be in centerfield and Go Giants!