Waking Like a Fireman

This morning it I felt I was waking as a fireman does. Suddenly even in the deepest sleep one becomes aware that something is deliberately Human_Torchdisturbing one’s slumber. Though one is still drowsy and struggling to move, somehow the clothes are rapidly put on. Clarity of what must be done is coming only during the well practiced tasks of preparing to make a rapid departure. The vital fluids are pumping adrenaline to assist and the heart begins a rapid beating as one more race against the clock begins. I begin to feel like the Human Torch as the hot tea ignites my insides and warmth is being generated within in defiance of the cold outside. But it is not a fire that causes all this commotion. It is my wife and a confined parking space that has her and her fellow civil servants scurrying to beat Fire one another or face a three block walk from the next nearest parking space.

Finally she is in her car and off to work. I relax just a bit and begin my work. Today it is finishing the fixing of issues my client has found. My heart has relaxed as I go through my list and one by one put right what had once gone wrong. Sometimes it takes a long time, but sometimes I make a Quantum Leap and arrive at a solution rapidly!

This goes on until night arrives and she arrives home. There is too much to do in any one day, but we find time to gather in front of the flickering (less so now with HD than before) images. Our supper consumed I feel the tug of sleep and resume my slumber once again. I forget all that has happened and dream those wonderful dreams that are instantly forgotten as suddenly it is morning! Something is wrong! She is late, late for a very important date. I once again struggle to get up and assist her feeling déjà vu at waking like a fireman.