Blast From the Past

This is not about a very funny movie with that title. With all my research into my genealogy, it was becoming obvious that I was stalled in going down the tree, I believe I am aware of all who have been born to date.timemachine_yvettetend But going up the tree is difficult as in our own family the details of our ancestors were not kept in a family bible or some heirloom gathering of tales. Also as I continue to go sideways into other families that have become related to us through marriage, rather than blood, I have decided to look into the genealogy of people I know and have known, so I can say I now know them a bit better.

One such individual is my long lost friend Walter. I had gathered some information which led to the discovery of a phone number. Intrigued I decided to give the number a ring. A voice answered, “Hello?” and I asked him it this was his full name. He said he was. Then I told him my full name.TimeMachineDVDcover   His response was, “Blast from the Past!”. He continued to repeat the phrase showing his disbelief that we had made contact for the first time in about 40 years.

It was like taking a ride in H.G. Wells Time Machine. We covered a lot of what had happened since we last spoke. By the way that movie is one I enjoyed immensely as a boy when it first came out around 1960. So much so I even read the book (and the comic!). My mind journeyed back to when we were young and how we had made a movie with special effects in it and starring Walter, his sister and a few of my siblings. We are planning to meet one of these days. The excitement of this one encounter makes me wonder how many more similar experiences are awaiting me in the future. Though I think it most unlikely they too will repeatedly say “Blast from the Past!”