Time Pressure


It is synchronicity that everywhere I look there is too little time. Even my game is forcing me to be aware of the tick of the clock. Nor does it help that my delivery is late, for all the reasons that they become late. I am spending more time than I expected on examining the dB and attempting to prove it is correct. I also have to deal with the repercussions to all the changes to the tables and my additions of sub-tables in an effort to create a better dB application for my client.

So if I do not kill all the zombies in time, it is game over! TimePressure But at least in DR2 I can restart it and try again. With real life and dB or software bugs there is no option to restart!

But it is said that time is an illusion. So too is that pressure it seems to exert upon us. A pressure created when our own expectations prove to be unreasonable. Let’s face the facts. There is much more to do than we can ever have enough time or energy for. Yet we seem ever hopeful that it can be done in less time than it actually takes. However that never comes true and thus we feel a pressure that if somehow we were to put more effort and spend more time on our task, it will be done by that deadline.

This discussion reminds me of the American Chopper season finale I watched last night with Paul Jr needing to get his two bikes to Sturgis. After much sacrificing and dedicated focus he did manage to make his deliveries. Which proves my point. The concept of too little time seems to be everywhere! Even my finding time to write these blogs is adding to my feeling the time pressure!