Working Hard or Working Smart

When I think about how I work I sometimes think of Wile E. Coyote. Now there is a hard worker! It makes me laugh to see how his well thought out plans manage to backfire on him. WileECoyote&RoadRunnerBut he is in good company because nearly everyone of us makes a mistake and soon finds that our own hard work now needs to be redone. It even happens to me. I was working on porting a clients dB from their existing format to the latest and greatest format I had designed for them. However I forgot to separate the testing from the actual move. The result is I found I had inadvertently deleted the code I had intended to copy. The only thing I had lost was the time it took to reach that point. Maybe I lost a little pride too. That happens when it was an avoidable mistake and you think “I should have known better!”.

Unlike the Coyote I get my things done. For there is only one instance that I know of where he caught the Road Runner. Whereas I have accomplished numerous goals and even keep a record so I know what I have done and what remains to be done. Anyone, even a Coyote can Work Hard. Thinking ahead and planning is how to Work Smart.