Month: October 2010


Though it is not yet Halloween, my wife dressed up in what I thought to be an American Indian outfit only to be corrected that it was a traditional Russian dance outfit. For today is the day all willing adults get to look like someone (or something) else. Needless to say we celebrate the day […]

Go Giants!

It’s the start of the World Series and our San Francisco Giants are in it! Tonight is a night for hot dogs and soda as we cheer our home team to victory. My wife is very excited about this and I am trying my best to support her enthusiasm. As far as baseball goes I […]

Multi-Level Interrupts

As I mentioned in a previous blog my mornings are disturbing. After being abruptly awakened and going through a stumbling, bumbling constantly rehearsed but badly orchestrated set of moves, my wife is on her way and I return to the relative calm of what needs to be done each day. Unfortunately lately it is the […]

Ambivalent not Melancholy

Much time was spent coming up with this blog entry. I started off by trying to find something on a nagging feeling I have, but nothing appropriate appeared on the net. Then my mind remembered a Love American Style episode where a man would continuously break out in songs from musicals, and finally found it […]

Waking Like a Fireman

This morning it I felt I was waking as a fireman does. Suddenly even in the deepest sleep one becomes aware that something is deliberately disturbing one’s slumber. Though one is still drowsy and struggling to move, somehow the clothes are rapidly put on. Clarity of what must be done is coming only during the […]

Blast From the Past

This is not about a very funny movie with that title. With all my research into my genealogy, it was becoming obvious that I was stalled in going down the tree, I believe I am aware of all who have been born to date. But going up the tree is difficult as in our own […]

Time Pressure

It is synchronicity that everywhere I look there is too little time. Even my game is forcing me to be aware of the tick of the clock. Nor does it help that my delivery is late, for all the reasons that they become late. I am spending more time than I expected on examining the […]

Working Hard or Working Smart

When I think about how I work I sometimes think of Wile E. Coyote. Now there is a hard worker! It makes me laugh to see how his well thought out plans manage to backfire on him. But he is in good company because nearly everyone of us makes a mistake and soon finds that […]