Month: September 2010

It’s a small small world

Everything is connected. We are one with the universe. With our communications and travel abilities we have shrunk the world. Though at times it seems we are all within our own universe, there is much overlap. There has to be for us to understand one another. I was of course influenced by Disneyland’s (original and […]

Busy as a Bee

Sometimes life becomes too complicated. One can find oneself as Chaucer back in 1380’s observed “as busy as bees”. With all the things going on lately and being late on at least one of my projects as well as keeping another potential client waiting for an estimate, it is all that I can do to […]

You say Salt and I Say Sugar!

  Wow! Funny sketch on YouTube. I was looking for the song with lyric of “I say potato” when I found it. The song is actually called “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!”. It came about because of two things. The first is related to work and concerns Access 2007 and the difference between the […]