Eye on the Prize

I woke up thinking about “Focus”. Then the above phrase came to mind. But as I scanned the internet I learned that it has a history I was unaware of. I watched a few videos and even read a few blogs but found nothing that went along with my feelings or struck me as something I wished to have my blog associated with.


So I looked some more using “Focus” and found the usual assortment of self-help guidance hoping your eyes will come their way and thus allow them to make their Google dollars.

However even that did not seem right. So I spent some time in Photoshop to merge the image on left with this blog. I pondered on all the meanings that I had found and how so few of them represented what I desired to say. Finally the realization struck me that all this activity is a great negative example!

The point I was attempting to make is that when there are things needing to be done and little time to do so, one must apply oneself to the task at hand. To me that means to focus, to gather ones strengths and like a laser, burn through that steely obstacle. It also means to stay on the task and to always keep one’s eye on the prize.