Back to Reality

Reach-My-Nobel-6 With the release of HALO: Reach I wake up in the morning feeling just like the crew of red dwarf who awake after 4 years being in their virtual game. Lately it has not been as fun, for I have taken on Legendary which means the Aliens invading Reach who are called the Covenant are much harder to kill. I am spending hours in levels that are otherwise a breeze on the Easy level. Yet I choose to take on that challenge.

Yet I know of another whose time is valuable. With a wife and four kids on top of a busy work schedule, though he may wish to take on the challenge, usually prefers to get through the challenges as fast as possible so as to view the cut scenes.

Of course for me it is research into yet another branch of my consulting business. One in which I can assist with solving lag and synchronizing the events simultaneously running on all those computers spread around the world. Soon I will engage a client needing my skills. To do so one needs contacts and so I also work on my People dB, a means of keeping track of all who I know, which if it were not training into the workings of a database supported contact application, I would resort to more commercial means.

Many people are amazed at how lucky I am. This was before the current Great Depression or GDII. Do not believe the obfuscation, more people are out of work now than in GD-I. However when the Silicon Valley was humming I was turning away work and able to pick and choose exactly what I wanted to do. I have always been in control of the hours and the way in which I work, though when crunch time hit, I always put in the extra time and effort to see the job through. 

I reviewed my blog and see I have evolved in the type of information presented and the manner in which I like to present it. Geary_30aug01There is information here, but somewhat different than anything I could categorize (outside of organized chaos!). Which resembles what I believe life actually is. We are Anti-Entropy. My intent for this blog was to discover what a blog is. I know I have discovered what I want my blog to be. It starts within my dreams, showing me all manner of incredible visions and then taking me to designs and laughter about the absurdities in life. Finally it winds through country roads bringing me Back to Reality.