Getting to Know You


This is not about Lucy. The above cartoon is a reminder that all will be welcomed by friends and relatives who have passed before us when we go. This is about my efforts and discoveries in exploring my genealogy. As I continue delving into it I am better appreciating my ancestors who contributed to making me who I am today. At the start I did not realize the breath the search would entail. It is incredible how those who married into our family have each contributed their family tree. With each discovery the better I appreciate how big each family actually is.

Additionally this is a dream I have had for a long time; to organize my friends and family into some form of database. As I labor with the web software and lack of adequate backup at I realize what a lot of effort it is to record all those relationships!

Not everyone is there. Perhaps they never will be. Many of them never got recorded. Even those that did have errors in the recording. Mostly names being misspelled and wrong dates. It is a giant puzzle begging to be solved.

I suggested to the lady who called me from that they should allow me to see deeper into their tree. Right now I am blocked by a user who chooses to have their information be private. But their branch may contain a path to a public branch further up the tree and back in time. It sure would be nice to know that someone who happens to be related, so I may strive to find the path on my own.

My efforts at becoming expert at dB continue and my dream of an all encompassing People dB is slowly coming true. As I make the links and ascend and descend the branches I know I will eventually find how we are all related. So soon I will be getting to know you!