I Have High Hopes!

RoboSlaveAnt2 It was another frustrating weekend. While I managed to find the items I was searching for, though not all, it took nearly all weekend to do so. There are still drives to be searched and juggling of drives to recover any lost data. Some of this stems from a system crash back in 2006.

The rest stems from Microsoft’s stupid policy of abandoning its Backup/Restore on Windows 7. Nevertheless I maintain high hopes that I will indeed accomplish all those things I have set out to do since many years ago.

Part of my issues are with having lost my Great Grandmother’s portrait. I know I had all the pictures that my mom had given me since back in 1999. But for the life of me I do not know where her portrait is. I’m still looking for that.

Last Saturday my mom asked me to send a copy of the picture with her four children to our relatives in Russia. Fortunately I finally found that one. It was in a backup I had done in 2006. However when I brought the drive to the computer that I wished to store it on because Windows 7 does not support my color laser printer, that computer could not read my 1.5 TB Hard drive.

RoboSlaveAntSo I found a BLANK 320 GB Hard Drive it could format and read. I used that as my sneakernet to move files between my Windows 7 system and my better supported and reliable XP system. Long story short, I need to get back to sipping my tea and working on delivering my clients project. Everything else will just have to wait until later. But as long as I am persistent as an ant, it will get done! For I have High Hopes!