If I Only Had a Brain…


I would anticipate what the client would do. I am reminded of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz singing “If I Only Had a Brain” whenever a client clicks on a button and instead of a report gets an error message.

I felt that way a lot today as I sat with my client and we went over what still needs to be fixed. Though a lot was cosmetic, there was the occasional click then error and embarrassment on my part. I think, If only I could remember to test every button! Of course there are a lot, but that is no excuse.

On the other hand the client appears to like what I have done with their dB. Using bound forms and aligning oneself with the Access 2007 mentality should provide a lot of useful features beyond what I am programming into it.

So back to the tests and elimination of all uncovered error’s! Hopefully another embarrassing bug will not slip by me. Otherwise I’ll be back to thinking, “If I Only Had a Brain”!