It’s a Good Day to …


We watched DreamKeeper last night and both agreed that this is a 5 out of 5 star picture. Being that it came from a mini-series for ABC made it even more special. The DVD eliminated at least 1 hour of commercials, which most likely detracted from the story as well as when it was being shown in two segments on two nights with each at two hours long.

The greatness is in the spirit of actors letting their hearts share stories from their ancestors with us. They plead we see other beings (bear, buffalo, elk, ravens, … etc.) as people, albeit four legged or winged. For them being people is closer to the truth of the universe than the way “white men” typically separate themselves from nature. We are all with the Great Spirit. In fact in Native language there is no “me” or “I”, just “us” and “we”.

drmkpr10There are many stories and special effects that rival what would normally be done in something made for television. This more so in the segment called “She Crosses the Water & the Thunder Spirit” which in my opinion is right up there with movies made for theaters. On DVD with the additional information of “Making of Dreamkeeper” clearly shows DreamKeeper was treated as a very special story telling by all who were involved.

While ABC has abandoned the official website, I followed a few links in the Wikipedia article to a review with some pictures from this wonderful story.

The essence of what spoke to me is the tale of the storyteller attempting to light the flame in the younger generation. To keep the old ways and pass down precious stories as he himself is passing down those stories told by his own grandfather which in turn was passed down by his grandfather. This at the moment I am thinking about all the stories our own family has lost by not spending more time talking to our elders. Who knows how much is forgotten? It moved me to further my efforts in preserving what little history is known about my family.

It is a good day to thank everyone who contributed in the making of DreamKeeper.