It’s a small small world


Everything is connected. We are one with the universe. With our communications and travel abilities we have shrunk the world. Though at times it seems we are all within our own universe, there is much overlap. There has to be for us to understand one another.

I was of course influenced by Disneyland’s (original and only at the time) “It’s a small world” song/ride. That was many years ago when I was 18 and on an adventure with my best friend Steve. The song is an infectious meme. However listen to the words as they are Zen.

A novice asked the master: "What is the true meaning of programming?"

The master replied: "Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are fatigued, program when the moment is right."

One has hope for a better tomorrow as we live in conditions that invariably seem worse than yesterday’s. Still somehow we manage to make ends meet and return to the cycle of life. We envy the other person who has more and some of us desperately try to change their own luck. A few succeed spurring millions more to do the same.

It all goes by so quickly. While I feel no different than when I was 30, I have put in another 30 and wonder can I keep this up for even another 30 beyond that. Then I look about and see all the friends and loved ones I have lost. All the knowledge that has gone with them. All the stories they told, now just fading echoes, some already forgotten. This is true for me and the other 6,865,942,377 people on this planet. A shared experience and another factor contributing to making this a small small world!