Busy as a Bee

european%20honey%20beeSometimes life becomes too complicated. One can find oneself as Chaucer back in 1380’s observed “as busy as bees”. With all the things going on lately and being late on at least one of my projects as well as keeping another potential client waiting for an estimate, it is all that I can do to remember all there is to do.

Yet we plow through each day as best we can. There are daily reminders that what seems like forever will someday come to an end. We can be happy in what we managed to accomplish. Or we can tear ourselves apart for not doing more. Whenever I turn into a couch potato or video gamer I know I could find more time to get things done.

There are so many worthwhile projects to accomplish. There are so many tasks that we either choose to do or have thrust upon us. Without keeping a list or some sort of to do, it becomes impossible to know what we have accomplished and more so what there is still left to do.

However with a view of how Mary Poppins put it “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”. So find the fun! Then (S*N*A*P) I am sure the beauty of our flowers will help keep us as busy as a bee.

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