Month: September 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

My mama was born about 1926. However she has remained at 33 years of age since she reached it. As of this writing she is healthy and able to do whatever she wants on her birthday. I called her about noon and sang her a happy birthday song. She did not answer right away. Perhaps […]

Eye on the Prize

I woke up thinking about “Focus”. Then the above phrase came to mind. But as I scanned the internet I learned that it has a history I was unaware of. I watched a few videos and even read a few blogs but found nothing that went along with my feelings or struck me as something […]

Back to Reality

With the release of HALO: Reach I wake up in the morning feeling just like the crew of red dwarf who awake after 4 years being in their virtual game. Lately it has not been as fun, for I have taken on Legendary which means the Aliens invading Reach who are called the Covenant are […]

The Golden Years

This is not about the song by David Bowie. Nor is it about Stephen King’s story. It comes from earlier today while I was speaking to my mom. Winds up we are both feeling better this day. So she said, “These are the ‘Golden Years’”. Which I think everyone will agree is associated with old […]

Getting to Know You

This is not about Lucy. The above cartoon is a reminder that all will be welcomed by friends and relatives who have passed before us when we go. This is about my efforts and discoveries in exploring my genealogy. As I continue delving into it I am better appreciating my ancestors who contributed to making […]

I Have High Hopes!

It was another frustrating weekend. While I managed to find the items I was searching for, though not all, it took nearly all weekend to do so. There are still drives to be searched and juggling of drives to recover any lost data. Some of this stems from a system crash back in 2006. The […]

What Be Treasure?

Ahoy you scurvy dogs! Arrrr! If one be a pirate it’d be booty; A chest filled with doubloons, jewels and gold. Aye me matey, that be treasure! No this is not Talk Like a Pirate Day! Avast! If you are a pirate, even a Russian one, that be September 19 or in three more days […]

If I Only Had a Brain…

I would anticipate what the client would do. I am reminded of the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz singing “If I Only Had a Brain” whenever a client clicks on a button and instead of a report gets an error message. I felt that way a lot today as I sat with my client […]

It’s a Good Day to …

We watched DreamKeeper last night and both agreed that this is a 5 out of 5 star picture. Being that it came from a mini-series for ABC made it even more special. The DVD eliminated at least 1 hour of commercials, which most likely detracted from the story as well as when it was being […]

Family Tree

A relative in Russia spurs genealogical activity here. So I begin a search that culminates in finding the lost group photo from 1939. My mama is the little girl in the lower left hand corner. While I never knew my Great Grandmother Alexandria in the center, all you see (except Zoya in upper right corner) […]