Que Sera Sera

There is a song called “Que Sera Sera”. It has a bit of history including being a song my mom would often sing. Of course we remember the Doris Day version best.


This past Saturday my ankle once again became sore. The result is I did not make my weekly journey to see my mom. So I am lamenting and thinking of her. We often sing “You Are My Sunshine” with each other. That song also has history and is part of our sing-a-long Saturday tradition.

This injury is recurring on a yearly basis and I suspect it is coinciding with some allergy. But the doctors I have been to do not know and I am reluctant to do tests just to satisfy their curiosity. My regret is that it affects my work for I need to rest until my ankle heals itself as it has proven to do so in the past. So far only a few of the things I had wanted to accomplish by now are done.

While thinking of these songs I remember mama likes “The Tennessee Waltz” too. Though it probably sounded more like this when she originally heard it but without as much static and click. I do not know what the future holds, so whatever will be, will be. Que Sera Sera!