Everyday Is A Winding Road

The Sheryl Crow song “Everyday Is A Winding Road” plays often in my head. Regardless of the lyrics, it has a special meaning to me. It speaks of how we have a direct view in our head of where we are going, but as we travel we find many a twist and turn in the journey.


Thinking of her song often occurs when I begin feeling stressed out. Like now with my dB project. I had to redo the foundation, to make things work as close to my expectations as possible. Was the way the dB originally designed wrong? Not necessarily. It was done with Access ‘97 and that was a different world way back then. We are talking about internet time after all.

However as more things come together and the forms and reports act like they should, I believe the effort I have put into the project is definitely worth it. However I have to hear that from my client, before I can consider it to be true.

Additional work has been put into the migration of their current data to the new layout of the dB tables. Their dB has been split into separate sections so that each category has plenty of room to grow. Each section is within its own Access dB. This way they will not infringe upon each other as they would otherwise when all are confined to a single Access dB having a 2GB size limit.

I am hungry to complete my work on this and be on another project. There are really so many more things to do. But the best would be for me to combine my desire for travel and be driving everyday on a winding road.