Nose Bleed

When I was young it seems my nose was always bleeding. Now not so much. But it happened just after I had some breakfast. It is a sign of high blood pressure. One of the few that alerts us to something is wrong in our life.

With me it is exercise and a poor choice of foods. We call it habits. We eat without thinking. We are drawn to what tastes good and not necessarily what is good for us. The food manufactures know this and add chemicals that make the food tastier. Unfortunately it also makes the food deadlier.

It is difficult to write good code. It is more difficult to live a healthy life style. Especially when what to eat is as controversial as who to pray to. We have science which in the case of food is more concerned about calories than what does this mix of chemicals do in that vat, where the mix is food and the vat is our stomach.


So my nose bleed is like passing a sign on the highway that says detour ahead. My plans need to change to accommodate the new information. It has never been an issue about knowing. The issue has always been in the doing. Thank God for my nose bleed!