Swinging On A Star


There are several songs I wind up singing on my way back from seeing mom on Saturday. Among my favorites is Swinging on a Star. I do not remember all the lyrics, but I really like the chorus. Where Bing sang “like” I use “rather” otherwise its pretty close.

I am still hard at working a dB back to its original intent. Along the way I am learning of obstacles and my understanding is realigned with what is and isn’t possible. Then my creative sub-conscious says it can all be found in the invisible.

My dilemma was wanting a Text Box in Access but only having a Combo Box that seemed to do what I wanted. In order to use Access 2007 as it was intended one needs to bind the form to a table (or query). Then the same form, assuming the record selector and navigation buttons are present, can be easily clicked through the records. But there is no EVENT that easily allows one to know when a user has moved the record. So it is key to have the controls bound to the data source and have Access handle the updating automatically in the background.

I solved it by using a textbox whose source control is an invisible combo box bound to the data source. The combo could supply the fields I needed to display as columns. Then I would channel the column info to the textbox. Finally I had the textbox displaying information from the bound data and it changed as I moved through the records.

It made me so happy I started humming, “…or would you rather swing on a star!”.