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My sister Tina started a blog called the Enchanted Rose Studio. It was only after I saw what she had done that I began my own. If you go there anytime soon you will see the following at the top of her blog.


As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Saturday is when I stop by to visit our mom. While there I chided her for not having put up her Candlestick Park part two since July 25. Apparently she listened to her older brother as it is there now.

What I like about my blog is it allows my creative side a release. My roboSlave is not just another cog in the machine. It is not just the business end of my business. It is the inner vision of how I, its creator if you will, sees the world.

What Tina has done is fabulous! Though our respective blogs intent are quite different, their essence are similar. Her blog hopes to expose Tina’s unique artistry to the world. Her audience is growing. Mine is mostly a private/public exploration of the mind behind Chopoff Consulting. It is currently private because few people know of it. But it is most definitely public because anyone can stumble across this site and read its entire contents. In fact a couple of people already have.

Thank you Tina with all my heart for inspiring me with your determination, your efforts and especially your blog!

One thought on “My Inspiration

  1. You are too sweet, dear brother of mine! I am so flattered that I could inspire you, as you’ve been a source of inspiration for me for years! 😉

    Best of luck with your blog! Have loads of fun with it!

    Thanks so much for the shout out! *hugs*

    Much love, hugs n kisses!


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