Month: August 2010

Que Sera Sera

There is a song called “Que Sera Sera”. It has a bit of history including being a song my mom would often sing. Of course we remember the Doris Day version best. This past Saturday my ankle once again became sore. The result is I did not make my weekly journey to see my mom. […]

What’s In A Name?

I got a letter from Vera who is a relative living in Russia. Through some confusion she addressed it to my brother George. I take no offense. My name has been difficult to explain ever since the first grade at Sacred Heart School in San Francisco behind the church. I still remember that September day […]

Everyday Is A Winding Road

The Sheryl Crow song “Everyday Is A Winding Road” plays often in my head. Regardless of the lyrics, it has a special meaning to me. It speaks of how we have a direct view in our head of where we are going, but as we travel we find many a twist and turn in the […]

Nose Bleed

When I was young it seems my nose was always bleeding. Now not so much. But it happened just after I had some breakfast. It is a sign of high blood pressure. One of the few that alerts us to something is wrong in our life. With me it is exercise and a poor choice […]

Swinging On A Star

There are several songs I wind up singing on my way back from seeing mom on Saturday. Among my favorites is Swinging on a Star. I do not remember all the lyrics, but I really like the chorus. Where Bing sang “like” I use “rather” otherwise its pretty close. I am still hard at working […]

So Much To Do!

The tasks seem endless. A mountain of details to be combed through one by one. Wishing things done, does not work. Only the application of some form of book keeping has a chance. A list or a table of what one is testing and the results of the test. Updatable would be a good feature […]


Last Saturday I once again went to see my mom. We had been to Yeah the week before, however she was all dressed up and expressed a desire to go there again. When we got there, our favorite waitress, Sophia was back from China. This picture of Sophia Loren is one I have admired for […]

Creative Spark

On Friday’s I like to spend some time with friends and watch movies. In this case it was one called It Might Get Loud. It is a great documentary on the backgrounds of the above three musicians. Perhaps the word artist is applicable as well. They delve into the source of the creative spark and […]

My Inspiration

  My sister Tina started a blog called the Enchanted Rose Studio. It was only after I saw what she had done that I began my own. If you go there anytime soon you will see the following at the top of her blog. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Saturday is when I […]