Attention to Detail

What takes the most time in most projects is testing. When I enter data does it do the right thing? How about if I try to enter wrong data? Does it warn me or trap the error?

In many of my projects where I am attempting to unscramble legacy code, the programmers have elected to just issue the error message. That is if they did anything at all.


In pointillism the detail is what brings out the art. The placement of each dot crucial to the message the artist is trying to deliver. When working with forms and reports in Access one begins to understand the significance of an individual point or in the parlance of computers, a pixel’s placement. It takes a lot of time to line everything up and get it looking just right. Especially when there are so many views to work in!

So I strive to deliver a quality product. Insert comments on what I was thinking when I created or changed some code. Provide meaningful error messages so anyone having to support my work at least has a clue of where to look should my routines catch an error. I do this because I believe it is always evident when someone has put in the time and effort by paying attention to detail.