Be the Best That You Can Be

My Aunt Lydia is now in heaven or touring the universe, the latter is more appropriate for her soul. Also she and Uncle Frank are finally together again. She could never stand to be away from her hubby for long. It has been a while since she left on her journey, but her words will remain with me forever.


The times were the 60’s and Vietnam was bringing tears to mothers of American soldiers. I was seriously considering living with Aunt Lydia, Uncle Frank and cousin MaryAnn. In fact while I was visiting them in Canada, She asked me what would I do with my life.

I told her I would do anything I had to do. I went into how I have been trying to be a musician but having to be a dishwasher while in Lake Tahoe. I told her of my sales experience and trying to sell Fuller Brush, vacuum cleaners and my fiasco with selling encyclopedias. She listened and then paused, looking into my eyes and waited until I understood she was about to tell me something profound. She stared and uttered “whatever you do be the best. If you are a dishwasher, be the best. If you are a musician, be the best musician! If you are a garbage man, be the best.” She paused for emphasis and then said, “Always be the best that you can be!”.

They were both prime examples of being the best. They ran the best motel in Vernon, British Columbia, the Tel-a-Frend. She often told me she would write a book and from the stories she told, it would have been a best seller.

I promised Aunt Lydia I would always remember her advice. Her words are not forgotten. Everyday I practice. In all I have done, am doing and will do, I strive to be the best that I can be.