Living in the In-Between


The tree is bare. What look like leaves are actually birds. Suzie Salmon sees this in the in-between.

The movie is called The Lovely Bones. The trailer is quite exciting but misleading. The true story is Suzie’s struggle. She is in the in-between because she feels there are things that must be done before she proceeds to heaven. It is an elaboration of how our lives keep us from getting to our own personal heavens. At least that is the third level story I got from it.

Others think it is about getting revenge. There is also that wistfulness of what could have been. Like returning from a journey and realizing that there is so much more to see and do! The surreal of the in-between connects directly to our dream consciousness. That place where we take so much for granted. It is only when we awake and contemplate the dream do we wonder why it did not startle us.

In fact being startled in a dream is how I used to have lucid dreams. Dreams in which I was awake and able to explore my surroundings. The excitement of being able to do so would too soon return me to this world. However when I was a teenager I explored this realm. I got very good at staying in the dream.

I was on a sidewalk on the edge of a park. I was looking at our only belongings on the lawn of the park. My family and I had lost our home. Somehow I managed to realize this was just a dream and awoke in it. I was determined at that time to stay in this dream-world as long as possible. Whenever I felt the tug of my body, somewhere far away calling for my spirit’s return, I resisted the call by willing myself to stay where I was. Many hours passed as I walked about exploring and resisting that call. Then as I was telling a passerby all this a curious thing happened. I felt the hand of God grasp me and pull me up into the sky and watched the ground shrink and fall below me. This flight was accompanied by a chorus of angel voices saying I had been away from my body far too long. With a rush and thump I was back in my bed, still awake.

So I too have been living in the in-between.