Car is Broke

I did my best to see my Mom yesterday. It was going well. Perhaps I was a bit late, but I had gotten gas, put air in my caddy’s left tire and had been singing my songs and worked my way to Redwood Shores. As I was on 101 in the middle lane doing somewhere around 65 (like everyone else) my caddy hesitated. That was never a good sign.

I immediately started to pull over. Lane by lane I edged over and noticed a very loud whirring noise. As I worked my way to the right and unto the exit slowing all the while I changed to a lower gear, hoping it had just been a band on the transmission. But it was something worse. Very loud metal banging coming from rear end accompanied with a jerking as the back wheels would lock up and release. Somehow I coaxed that vehicle into the Oracle parking lot in front of the 100 number on the building on Oracle Parkway.

I saw a young man who I honked at as I brought my caddy to a halt. His name was Doug and he lent me his cell phone so that I could call AAA. Then he allowed me to call my mom, that was generous because it took a long time to get AAA and give them the details with all the while Doug waiting for his phone back. He was very nice and courteous! Thank God for people like him.

While waiting Oracle security showed up and I explained I would be out of their lot by 1:45 according to AAA. They too were sympathetic. After about 20 minutes the AAA truck with the movable flatbed showed up. He hitched up my caddy and pulled it up the ramp but the wheels kept making a loud bang as they rotated and hesitated against the force of the wrench. This proved more troublesome at the Shell station on the corner of Calaveras and Park Victoria Drive. With my caddy locked up and keys left behind with a note for Ralph, I walked home.


I called my mom and lay down to relax. Later I watched Whale Wars. In the episode Captain Pete Bethune had just lost his vessel. He explained how he had all of his life tied up in it. Not only had he just lost a vessel worth millions of dollars, he still had debts, a mortgage with an additional 95% borrowed. In other words, troubles greater than mine.