Lolita in Wonderland


Just finished watching the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton version of the combined tales of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. She is almost grown up. Many of the shots were provocative and nearly erotic. But it was a hard picture to listen to.

This is another example of Reboot. Take something familiar and change it. There are elements of the Wizard of Oz mixed into the story. Especially at the end as Lolita, oops I mean Alice walks up to various people in the crowd and is acting like Dorothy by saying “You were there and you were there and …”.

The visuals were simply amazing. But as I already mentioned the story itself is muddled. There is a bit of Joan of Arc near the end and Alice the Dragon slayer as well. Maybe the way to have seen it is in 3D IMAX. But I’m sure I do not want to be immerged in Burton’s version of Wonderland. After all the Cheshire Cat is the wrong color! It gets 3 stars and is worth a rental, but just barely.