I’ve Killed Nearly 5,000 Soldiers

5K-kills-medal copy

Late at night is a good time to kill. I’ve been playing an XBOX 360 Game by EA called Battlefield 2 Bad Company. Also it is not I, but my Avatar FireFox3Rdy2Kil doing all that damage. She (I like looking at women Avatar and do not feel that an Avatar need be an exact image of my own body) has done a lot of damage through persistence.



Just recently she (and thus I) got that final pin, number 48 of 48 the M95 SPECACT Efficiency Pin. Congrats to all those who died at her hands!


She’s also killed in Red Dead Redemption and the latest Call of Duty, but those kills remain in their respective tallies. Being that the hands and brains that guide her are over 60 years old, I think she and I have done remarkably well against an onslaught of younger players, mostly male with male avatars.

I’ve spent a lot of that time in a squad of friends I met online. The following are representative of our best squad so far:

2010jul15NEFF_NEFF 2010jul15PainFTW 2010jul15TPMSniper

NEFF NEFF                PainFTW                   TPMSniper

We enjoy this online multiplayer game so much mainly because it provides a lot of ways to accomplish the objective, be it Rush or Conquest. There is also a Deathmatch but that has only one objective, be the first team to 50 kills.

In the BFBC2 world you can drive vehicles, fly vehicles and when your rocket (or C4) explodes on a building, there is permanent damage (for the remainder of that game) done! It has its flaws, the major one being that the opposing team can sometimes trap you in your spawn and then the experience of spawn and die, spawn and die…(repeat ad nauseam) becomes one in which you wonder why you play at all!

My online stats say she has 4,713 kills and died 8,658 time. A K/D ratio of 0.54. That’s because she plays to win. Many of those deaths took out an enemy. Obviously not everyone. Only 287 kills to that next medal shown at the top of this blog! Tonight will be a good time to kill…

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  1. I was looking up TPMSniper to see if I showed up anywhere, I must say fox I am impressed with this, haven’t miked up in awhile my headset is broke. Anyways very cool and thank you

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