Being Sick Helps One Understand

We take our health for granted. Only when we have a sense that something is wrong, something is not quite right, do we understand how truly precious having ones health is. It is a remarkable fact that we can recover from many of the illnesses that we encounter in out life.


But some illnesses require a miracle. Such as one done by Jesus. Others thought Lazarus dead and buried. Yet Jesus saw him as only sleeping. Somehow Lazarus awoke from the dead. All will agree that Jesus had performed a miracle. I know of few people able to wake the dead.

So its only natural when one is under the weather, one feels closer to being dead. Now I do not suggest you attempt to become sick if you are in good health. By all means do your best to stay healthy. However if you do succumb to some malady from which you can recover, remember that being sick helps you understand life and appreciate being able to live.