Air the Forgotten Sea


In my last blog I talked about 3 of the four classical elements. They were fire represented by sunshine, earth represented by food and water. But greater than the ocean in which the mighty whales live is our gaseous ocean of air. Without our world’s atmosphere most living things upon it would be dead within minutes.

We use air as our recycler. In with the good air and out with the bad. It is what makes most engines run. It is easy to forget about the air until it passes by in a cool breeze. Sometimes the air is quite angry and makes its wind go a hundred miles an hour! As there are whirlpools in the ocean there are twisters in the air.

We assume that air is everywhere, but mountain climbers know that is not true. The higher one climbs the less air there is. If there was a mountain that reached 200 miles above the earth, we could climb out of the sea of air surrounding us. However even Mount Everest is only 5.5 miles high.


Someday we may see this ring by taking a ride up a space elevator. We will ride up to geosynchronous orbit at a height of 22,238 miles above. Far beyond the top of our sea of air. To see the blue ring which is the forgotten sea.