Some Sunshine, Food and Water

Every living thing needs food and water. Sunshine helps too. All these in the proper proportions makes for a healthy living thing.

I have a living Christmas tree that is not doing very well. I’ve given it plenty of water and for a while it began growing little sprouts off the tips of its branches. But now it is all a golden color and not the dark green it originally was. I keep looking for signs of recovery, but fear it is too late.

Sunshine is the energy that drives us all. It is hidden in the food we eat. We take apart our food and water and combine it into our bodies. Some living things can use sunshine directly. The absence of sunshine means a cold frozen world. Much like the poles which often lose their sunshine for a period of months.

Food is the substance that powers our metabolism. It makes our engine hum. When we are well fed and rested we often feel an excess of energy that makes us want to run and play and never stop!

Water is our mobility. It oils our joints and allows us to feel refreshed. There is nothing like a cold glass of water after an exhausting exercise. It is the one element in our lives we need large amounts of.

All living things need sunshine, food and water in the proper balance for good health. This is common knowledge. What is not common knowledge are the amounts. For we have lost touch with that sense of proper proportions. Our senses have been flooded with drugs that lead us down a path of destruction and at best unhealthy lives.

But then the lives we live are no longer in touch with nature. Back when we were, life was much simpler. Grass was green and the sky was blue and all we needed was some sunshine, food and water.